Week 19:

I Think You Look Good When You Wear Gold

Last week the last few things I wrote seemed a little disorganized, instead of going back and editing them or apologizing to you I’m retconning. That’s right I’m going to retcon the continuity of my column. If comics can do it, so can columns about comics. You see that last column was written by a alternate-universe-version-of-me’s evil clone brother who was hypnotized into writing the crappiest column for our universe’s Sequart.com. While he wrote the article I was wondering around the arctic with no memories, thanks to unexplainable reasons I have regained my memories and defeated the evildoer, now I have returned to do good and you all shall never question the past week’s events!

First off in response to Ralph starting on his path to Fatedom, I’d just like to say


Secondly I’d like to point out how cool it is that this week’s theory began to come true as I started writing it! So I’d like to take this chance and say….


Of course now I have to reword it….

Thirdly 52 List!, Daniel Carter’s jersey is number 52.

Fourthly I’d like to take a moment and say how much I enjoyed this and last week’s installments of 52.

Fifthly…POPE LOBO!!!

And now onto the theory of the week:

I Think You Look Good In Gold:

“I’m going home”

-Booster Gold, The OMAC Project

“Tada, I’m baaaaack!”

-Booster Gold, Infinite Crisis

Back? I think not.

One of these things does not belong. And one of them definitely isn’t Booster Gold.

Why was the Booster Gold that appeared in Infinite Crisis and 52(up to week 15) such a uncaring greedy person, when the last time we saw him (OMAC) Booster seemed to be very sullen and down to earth?

I’ll tell you why my friends.

The Booster Gold we have known and loved for many many years is not who we thought him to be. It was none other than Daniel Carter.

But wait wasn’t Michael Carter, Booster Gold?

You damn right he was! But so was Daniel. From what we know Michael Carter is a man who loves fame (much like Daniel) but so much that he would risk going back in time. Aided by his pal Skeets he traveled back to our time in hopes of becoming a superhero celebrity. When he was created “our time” was the 20th century but give a swift punch to the walls-o-continuity and that can all change. Instead of going to the 20th century Michael Carter traveled to the 21st century.

When Booster Gold appears in Infinite Crisis it’s Michael Carter coming to our time for the first time ever.

But how does he know Ted and everyone?

Well here’s the thing, he never interacted with Ted Kord since Ted already was dead. The Infinite Crisis Booster (who shall be referred to here as Michael-Booster) acted purely off of historical data provided by his pal Skeets.

Wait, didn’t Skeets die or something?

In our time but….look just keep reading.

Michael-Booster comes to our time during the crisis, seeing it as the best moment to gain some spotlight. Too bad he ends up getting charred BBQ-style in 52.

But then how does Booster and Skeets get to the 20th century for all the Bwahaha! madness?

Do you know what a time loop is?

A error in the flow of time created by a anomaly that causes a certain event to repeat itself over and over again. (Rip current! Actually…not really, I’ll fit it in one day!)

Daniel Carter gets sucked into the time hole-o-terror in Rip Hunter’s lab->52 continues, somewhere along the line Skeets is forced into the time hole (probably due to his role in opening it)->Daniel Carter appears in the 20th century dressed in part of Michael-Booster’s costume, with Skeets (neither remember the prior events, such is the nature of a loooop in time)->Using Skeets’ and Daniel’s (who believes he is Michael, since Skeets has records of Michael Carter being Booster Gold) “borrowed” technology they complete his costume->Daniel Carter becomes the superhero Booster Gold (the one we saw up to the end of OMAC Project)->Daniel-Booster continues his career until his best friend Ted Kord is killed->Daniel says “I’m going home” (to the future? Does it work or does he phase back into the current Daniel Carter? Duh duh DUH!)->Daniel Carter is approached by Skeets in Week 18 of 52.

Hence, time loop.


-I stop promising content of articles since it makes it harder to write!

-I win back your affection (or gain it if you aren’t the one guy who has been reading this) by lowering your expectations!

-Week 20! Special Secret Green Surprises?

Oh, wait. Blurb Detective. Right.

“Adam’s right, Kory. This is way too big for the three of us.”

Too big as in giant green eye. Heh. Blurb’s with humor.

Questions? Comments? Hate this week’s column? Hate the column? Don’t want to go shove it? Well why not drop me a comment and tell me how much I suck? And remember, the more unconstructive the comments the better!

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