Week 18:

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booster Gol- Oh Wait…

This week marks the official induction of a new segment! The Blurb Detective! In this segment I will look at a up coming week’s blurb on the 52 website and figure out what it means. In future week’s I’ll be only looking at the coming week’s blurb, but today to give you a hang of it I’ll be doing two.

52 List Week 18: Man they’re really holding back…

The Blurb Detective Strikes Again in….. a thrilling double feature “These Monsters!” and “Week 19!”

From 52thecomic.com’s blurb on week 23 :

“Look what these monsters did to your brother, Isis! They deserve a slow death! Plucked apart like the insects they are!”

Week 23 marks the reveal of what has happened to the mad scientists. Week 23 also must mark the reveal of what happened to Isis’ “brother” (see column #4). Is Isis being controlled by a Mr. Mind? Is she plain evil? Or is she being manipulated by Intergang? We’ll have to wait and see her reaction to Black Adam’s statement…in WEEK 23!


The Intergang transforming circus of wonder. Abbot and co. Whatever you want to call them. Black Adam is making a pun, they are monsters for what they did and literally are monsters.

Week 19 Blurb: What if I told you I could — using Booster’s DNA— bioengineer a superhero identity for you?

Dashes, used for grammar or something even more evil?

Are pieces of this missing? No idea.

Possibility One:

That lady friend of John Henry has some new information for him about Luthor’s operation. Luthor is using metahuman DNA that he has acquired to power his “be your own hero” project.

Question is, Booster wasn’t actually a meta was he? Hurm.

Possibility Two:

Skeets is peddling Booster’s DNA to those who are unaware that Gold derived his power from items. Is he doing it to bring down Luthor, who might have ties to Supernova? Or is he doing it to fund his luxurious life style? Either way the truth remains the same, Skeets is a DNA pusher!

Theory of The Week: IN THE YEAR 5252!

So, Stephen Wacker has stated that each year on the cover of next week’s 52 has some importance. This week I was delayed due to the labor day related comic book delays. Instead of providing you with a solid theory this week I’m providing the following list of the years on Week 19′s cover that are completely clear.

I want you to look at them. And think about them

I know people have compiled there own theories about this already but I’m seeing a completely different image coming together.







Who Are The 52?: 52 Year(s)

“When am I?”

To get the door to Rip Hunter’s lab to open, one must be in the year 52 AD. According to Skeets that is. But if it’s so easy to get into riddle me this “Why hasn’t Degaton broken into Hunter’s lab and killed him yet?”

I tell you why. Rip Hunter currently exists in 52 different years.



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