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“Ah my special surprise that I’ve been planning since last week… wha? Graiser is doing the same thing?! Curse you Superno- I mean Graaaaaiser!…wait a minute….I smell a theory coming on….

(do you have proof that Brian Graiser is Supernova? Send it my way. And if you’re reading this, Mr.Graiser, are you in fact Supernova? Is it possible that Mr. Mind has taken control of you?!)

So here’s my special I’m-not-making-any-promises-about-the-column promise breaking column.

By the end of 52 I will have written 52 columns.

Every ten weeks I will do a special column in addition to the normal one. Near and at the end of the 52 weeks I’ll be doing a bunch of special columns.

With that said, watch as this becomes my final column!

Merchandising! Merchandising! With ToyFare announcing the first wave of 52 action figures I thought I’d take the time to go over potential merchandising ideas for 52.

First off the items being made…

The action figures. (Using information found here and here)

Booster Gold- This baby is all about accessories. Sponsor stickers, Skeets and a removable collar. Out of all the figures this one seems to be the most promising.

Animal Man- The action figure that’s needed to be made for years! Buddy Baker, The Animal Man! The released picture has a very Bolland-esque look, great job DC Direct but where is his interchangeable hairdo accessory?!

Batwoman- What can I say? Bleh. I can’t stand the hair..hell the whole figure just doesn’t seem to look like her (‘sides the costume). But not everything can be Gold (get it? Heh? Booster…Gold?).

Isis-Now that is how you do hair! This figure feels like it jumped out of a panel in 52.

Supernova- EVIIIIL!! EVIL! Why must you taunt me DC Direct?! Hopefully this figure will come with another head which shows you who the hell Supernova really is!



Pope Lobo- With removable hat and the Eye of Ekron!

Starfire- With Animal Man’s shirt (can’t she find some new clothes anywhere? Buddy is probably getting cold in Space)!

The Question- Can the world ever have too many Question figures? No.

Renee Montoya- With bourbon bottle swinging action!


ABSOLUTE 52- The biggest Absolute collection yet. Contains four books.

Book One- Complete collection of 52.

Book Two- Complete collection of Giffen’s breakdowns.

Book Three- Complete collection of J.G. Jones’ cover sketches (along with all of his blog entries on each cover).

Book Four- Collection of all the content from the 52 website, as well as all the backups for the comics.



Perhaps the greatest idea for a candy, ever.

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