About Us

Sequart Organization is devoted to the study of popular culture and the promotion of comic books as a legitimate artform.

The term “sequart” is an abbreviation of “sequential art.” It is used as a term for the medium itself, independent of particulars such as genre (e.g. super-heroes) or format (e.g. comic books, graphic novels, manga, newspaper strips, illustrated text, children’s picture books, and even sculpture such as the stations of the cross).

Editorial Policy and Submissions

Sequart is committed to bridging the gap between academia and fandom, to making scholarship accessible to the general reading public, and to putting complex thoughts into the plainest language possible.

Online content remains the copyright of the writer(s). Sequart only takes non-exclusive rights to digital publication. (We ask that writers inform us if they reuse content that’s first appeared on our site, and we don’t expect writers to repost material on another site — although doing so remains their right. In turn, we retain the material as part of our archive.)

We are especially interested in providing a home for minority viewpoints, including those of women. We believe there’s a real need for such viewpoints, particularly in American comics and pop culture criticism.

Except for material not fitting with our mission statement, Sequart believes in discriminating based on quality (of writing, thought, and research) but not based on subject matter. In other words, we believe that any subject or stance is fair game (up to and including criticism of this policy!). We believe that journalism and scholarship — not to mention free thinking — requires precisely this policy. And we’re not beholden to any corporate or outside interests that would compel us to act otherwise. We have faith that most professionals whose work might be discussed are adults, like us, who can handle criticism as long as it’s thoughtful and considered.

Hate speech will not be tolerated, however. For the record, this is a consequence of our policy to discriminate based only on quality of thought.

We expect our writers to disclose potential conflicts of interest. If you’re thinking a disclosure might be needed, it’s probably better to make one, but you can always ask us. If you discover a possible conflict after the fact, please inform us immediately. If you do, it’s easy for us to stand by our decision about the need for disclosure. If you don’t, you’ve endangered Sequart’s reputation needlessly.

We further expect writers to disclose any associations with hateful or discriminatory persons and groups, and we reserve the right to take action based on these associations, even if they are not reflected in a writer’s work for Sequart.

Submissions of book/movie pitches and online magazine article pitches may be directed to sequart.mike@gmail.com


President, Founder, and Publisher: Julian Darius
Editor-in-Chief: Mike Phillips
Social Media Manager: Nicholas Yanes