Week 23:

The Most Greaterest Column Ever!

The writer of this column recognizes his right to freedom of speech when speaking about that horrible bastard Supernova and all of his possible indentities, including Brian Graiser. Speaking of which look what Mr. Graiser had to say to me last week, regarding his less than impressive secret identity….

“You’ll never track me down, Turturro! Haha!

…and yeah, that Luthor guy’s a real dick. He wants to know why I was hovering outside his office? Because he keeps dicking with me! Oh, I saw that freaking satellite he had; little bald bastard’s lucky I didn’t just teleport it up his $5 billion ass! Actually, I was just checking out Mercy… you want to know why I wear a mask? So that people don’t know when I’m usind x-ray vision! BOO-yah!”

Well Brian, it sounds like you really are upholding Truth, Justice and the American Way*. Infact I can’t find anything wrong with your comment. Hurm. Maybe Supernova and I can get along.

[*and the right to check out Mercy...hooha]

There you have it folks, from now on I’ll be proving how Skeets is the one who killed Booster.
Goodbye Supernova hate, hello Skeets hate.

Questions? Comments? Hate this week’s column? Hate the column? Don’t want to go shove it? Well why not drop me a comment and tell me how much I suck? And remember, the more unconstructive the comments the better!

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