Week 20:

Bald Moon Rising

This week’s column is brought to you by the letter B for BALD and by Brian Michael Bendis.

Basically, I’m updating one of my favorite theories I’ve written so far.

The 52 List

-Pg.1 Batcave entrance clock.

Blurb Detective: “No disrespect, Raven, but we’re as much Infinity Inc. as you are Titans. Neither team is the same one it used to be”

Looks like we’ll get to see the first appearance of the missing year Teen Titans in this Everyman Superteam-centric issue. Why is it full length? One big ass fight is coming our way.

Theory of the Week: Bald Moon Rising.
Why are we shown a empty Mr. Mind cocoon? Who is capturing the mad scientists, and what are they doing?
Intergang is apparently trying to secure land in the world, currently they are targeting Gotham City. Seems sort of basic, huh? Not really, with Intergang nothing is exactly “basic”. In the past Intergang has worked for Darksied, however now they are answer to a new figure (OYL they still are).

But what about Mr. Mind?!

What about him. Look at Week One, he already hatched.

Who is the great one?


Lex is the new leader of Intergang, or someone controlling it’s leader. “The Great One” is obviously linked to the mad scientists, and seeing that Sivana was kidnaped by two monsters it’s safe to say so is Intergang. Conclusion, Lex is controlling Intergang to capture mad scientists to power his everyman superhero project and maybe more.

Why was he watching Morrow? To get ready to kidnap him of course.

What does Lex have to gain from all this and what does it have to do with Infinity Inc. and Supernova? Again, easy. As Steel has discovered Luthor posses the ability to deactivate the superpowers that he has given to people via the everyman superhero project. Lex will be able to dangle powers in front of the faces of his newly formed Infinity Inc. members, forcing them to do whatever he says.

What does Supernova have to do with Lex?

Remember about 10 weeks ago when Lex says to give Natasha the whole package, powers-wise?

This implies that all the powers she posses are all the powers Lex’s people have the ability to give. The fact that she can do the whole “Supernova light zappy thing” means that the powers Natasha has are available to anyone. Namely whoever Supernova is.

But then we must ask the inevitable currently unanswerable question….

Who is Supernova?

And that is a question best saved for another week.

But I will say one thing on the most accursed subject, look at the last panel on page 1….I spy a little S.
What’s it all building up to?
As the man’s chalkboard said…or rather his globe…”World War III Why? How?”


-TONIGHT….20th Week, 10th column, bonus column.

-Titans TOGETHER…all 20 or so of ‘em!

-More Titans

-Even More Titans.

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