Week 21:

Writer’s Block

And so the plot thickens….

“No, curse you, Turturro (if that is, in fact, your real name!), for trying to foil my plot! Yes, I’ll admit it to you (and you alone): I am, in fact, Supernova, and as you should know, I don’t take kindly to prying writers! Which reminds me: that Kent guy could stand to lose a few pounds. Oh, and my Batcave excursion? I was looking for my TV remote! I figured, what the hell, if I can’t find mine, that rich guy Wayne has enough sh** in his big ol’ basement to lend me some stuff (at least until he gets back from his trip). If you have any questions about my future appearances in 52, just ask and all will be revealed!

That being said, I am telling you all this because you have NO PROOF of my other identity! Ha-HAH! I defy you and all your readers to come up with proof of this wild and ridiculous claim! Until then, I will continue to haunt this column’s comment boards and taunt you all! Go ahead, internet; just try to find proof! I double-dog dare you! BWAH-ha-haaaaa!”

-Brian Graiser

My Response:

don’t ask. I have writer’s block.

The Blurb Detective in….

“Good news, sir. Your son Kon-El didn’t die in the Crisis after all.”

or did he?

This is spoken to Luthor, however seeing as it deals with the wild card issue of 52, Kon-El I’m having a hard time figuring out who might say it to him.

Does Luthor even know of Conner’s kryptonian name, Kon-El?

Maybe it’s Cass telling Luthor that. But why would she call him sir? The only person who say that would probably be a employee. Mercy?

A Word On Stephen Wacker

I salute you, sir! Your time at DC has been wonderful. Until I can prove Joe Quesada is Supernova, MAKE MINE WACKER!…..or Marvel….different strokes for…different Wackers.

In all seriousness, Stephen Wacker is a wonderful editor and I have no doubt that he will continue to do a wonderful job at Marvel. Also I’d like to take this moment and pledge to buy the first Marvel book he edits as a show of faith (and to prove his statement about people not buying books for editors wrong)!



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