Grant Morrison:

Talking with Gods

This feature-length documentary covers the entire career of legendary comics writer Grant Morrison, focusing on how his work ties to his life, his unique personal experiences, and his intellectual ideas. It also features interviews with many of Morrison’s artistic collaborators over the years.

Morrison’s bold reinventions of traditional super-heroes and his groundbreaking creator-owned work have made him one of the most critically-acclaimed and best-selling writers in the history of comics. This documentary feature looks back on his 30-year career, examining his work, and the real-life events that inspired stories like The Invisibles and All Star Superman.

The film features extensive interviews with Morrison himself, as he recounts his own life story: his early days, growing up in Scotland; the start of his comics career; the crazy years of the ’90s, as his life and his comics became enmeshed; and his more recent attempts to turn personal troubles and social darkness into compelling comics. The film also gives insight into his creative process, including a look into his vaunted idea notebooks.

Complimenting Morrison’s own words are interviews with many of his most important collaborators, including Karen Berger, Dan DiDio, Frazer Irving, Phil Jimenez, Geoff Johns, Cameron Stewart, Jill Thompson, Mark Waid, and many others.

This project has received extensively media coverage, including Wired (30 Nov 2009 and 22 July 2010), Publisher’s WeeklyWizardArthur MagazineCBRCBR’s Robot 6The Sci-Fi Block,ComicopiaMajor SpoilersSequential MindedGoma de MascarDaily Comic Book CoversBear AlleyComic Book JesusComics AllianceCuindando PopOmeleteOnerdescritor, and X-Ray Spex.

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