Week 17:

LOBO, Violence Convert or Violent Convert?

Before I start this week’s column I’d like to applaud what has been one of my favorite weeks of 52 so far. Week 17 definitely contains my favorite Secret Origin so far writing and art-wise.

The 15 List:

Alas nothing this week.


There you go. Make heads or tails of it for yourself.

But remember when you’re talking time travel in DC, you’re talking timestream travel.

Stream. Ok. Yeah I admit it. It’s kind of a weak theory. That’s why I didn’t write more.

Still Not The Theory of The Week:

The Blurb Detective Strikes in…


With Hector off partying with his son Dream of the endless, it’s very unlikely that ol’ mr. Hall is going to pop up for any new adventures. And who better to fill his shoes than the man who lost everything…Ralph Dibny?

I’ve made connections now it’s time to see if you think they sound valid.

-Hector Hall died and was reincarnated. Last time I checked, a certain Ralph Dibny was looking into how to reanimated his dearest dead wife, Sue.

-When Hector Hall started his gig as Doctor Fate, he was searching for his wife who he had literally lost. Ralph Dibny has lost his wife to death.

-Hector saw a lot of Khandaq centric action at the end of his time as Doc Fate. Khandaq is center stage for a lot of the action in 52.

-Doctor Fate is a agent of Chaos and Order. Balance must be maintained. Therefor a new Doctor Fate must be chosen (where is Mordru? We may not be able to see him but this seems like a prime time for him to try and strike). Ralph could use some order to his chaos.

-Ralph is going into the magic world to continue his story. This is fact! I thought that this would start in a earlier week but seeing that Doctor Fate was in the next time picture in Week 17…well it’s starting in Week 18. Doctor Fate is a character from the magic DC Comics world.

Can’t Believe It’s Not The Theory Of The Week? Too Bad!: Supernova…the f—–.

Goddamn! Who is Supernova? Whenever I think of it I ask my little brother who doesn’t read 52. He normally responds with a blank stare. One day I hope he gives me something a little better than that. Until then all I can give you is THE RAVINGS OF A COMIC BOOK CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Oh my god. Maybe this week I’m bringing a little more than the ravings of a comic book conspiracy theorist. Natasha is Supernova? What can she do? No one is completely certain but she can shoot light from her hands and fly. There are easy ways to conceal ones identity, even gender. In a male dominated superhero world Natasha masked the fact that she was a woman in hopes of being taken more seriously. She was already pissed off at Steel and it was a small step for her tween mind to see Booster Gold as another figure like Uncy Steel.


So how many people out there are dying to know what was said between Lobo and Starfire? Good, I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one out there (feel free to photoshop your own take on the page and drop a link to it in the comments for this article…hell I might even put it in the next post if I like it). Personally I’m wondering how Lobo is going to play out. Will he end up helping Adam, Buddy, and ‘fire out or is he just going to prey on Starfire’s innocence? If I was Adam (or Buddy) upon hearing that line about converting I would have hauled ass out of that space ship into the vacuum known as space, taking my chances inside of the carcass of Devilance.

However….they did no such thing. Unlike me Adam and Buddy have experience in situations that are sort of like this. Even if Lobo was lying he’s most likely going to take them to whoever put that hit on them in the first place. And more importantly (as far as their desire to get home is concerned) to civilization.

Whatever they find somehow is going to tie into the Emerald Eye of Ekron, something I know very little about. However it has a will of it’s own and was from Legion. All this Legion related stuff definitely means something. Something continuity wise. On a almost completely unconnected topic, Mon-El might not be Supernova and neither may Natasha because apparently Kon-El(Conner/Superboy) isn’t dead! What the hell is going on? I intend on finding out!

Who Are The 52?: 52 Worlds For The Price Of One!

It’s been hinted that the circles around the 52′s on Rip Hunters blackboard mean something (yes I’m responsible for adding this to the wiki entry a while back, bear with me if you’ve already read it).

Something I hadn’t thought about was why some of the circles overlap. Then it hit me.

Worlds smashed together. Infinite Crisis. Giant hands says Animal Man, Alexander Luthor says I. The DCU is entirely different post-Infinite Crisis.

The new earth is composed of 52 realities.


-Detective Chimp!

-Blurb Detective segment returns…TIMES TWO with “Week 19″ and “Those Monsters!”

-Skeets? Evil?

-Conner Lives! But One Year Later He’s Still Dead!

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