Blind Dates and Broken Hearts:

The Tragic Loves of Matthew Murdock

Daredevil is perhaps the one super-hero not defined by his villains so much as his loves. His major love affairs — Elektra, Karen Page, Typhoid Mary, the Black Widow, Milla Donovan — tend to end badly, often in murder, insanity, and betrayal. They define periods of his life, but they also define this character, who became a super-hero both to earn and to escape his father’s love. In this short book, Ryan K. Lindsay offers a new lens through which to see Matt Murdock’s troubled history and tormented psyche.

The contents of this book are included in The Devil is in the Details: Examining Matt Murdock and Daredevil.

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Ryan K. Lindsay writes comics and about comics. He’s launching Ghost Town from Action Lab Entertainment, the mini-series Heist, the phenomenal Fatherhood from Challenger Comics, and has a My Little Pony one-shot from IDW. He’s had short stories published by Image / Shadowline and ComixTribe. He’s also had essays published in Criminal, Godzilla, Horror Factory, and a smattering of sublime Sequart tomes. He is Australian. Hit him up on @ryanklindsay and for words daily.

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