Waxing and Waning:

Essays on Moon Knight

Since Moon Knight first appeared as a villain in 1975, he’s spent the decades shifting and changing, never staying too long in any iteration. He may be C-list, but he’s built a devoted fan base and been at the heart of some of the best comics in the last five decades — comics that most haven’t read.

Waxing and Waning: Essays on Moon Knight dives into all the different iterations, exploring what they mean to the fan base and how they have impacted the Marvel universe. These essays explore the evolution of art, social commentary in comics, depictions of mental health, and our relationship with religion. With a foreword by David Finch and interviews with Bill Sienkiewicz and Chuck Dixon, this is the book to read before you enter the Midnight Mission.

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Scott Weatherly started his Sequart journey by editing and overseeing his first essay collection, Judging Dredd. He can also be found chatting about pop culture and history on his podcasts 20th Century Geek and Stories out of Time and Space. Among all this, he enjoys living in a rural village in Derbyshire with his wife, daughter and dog.

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