Week 24:

Web of 52

I’d like to take this moment to say that Skeets has quite a lot on Brian Graiser, including a army of cyborgs and pirates.

Loose Ends

Dr. Ralph – Kicking ass in (in his best Dr. Strange voice) THE KIRBYZONE!!

Questoya - Last seen stealing book from the library

Black Adamsis Jr. - Last seen calling a group of Chinese superheroes big smelly idiots

Magnus - Last seen in a orgy of mad scientists and supermodels

Supernova – Last scene fucking with Lex Luthor. Who Is Supernova?!!

Lex Luthor and His Amazing Friends - Last seen being forced to attend 52 funerals

The 52 List


The Blurb Detective Strikes Again in….. is it contagious?

From 52thecomic.com’s blurb on week 25:

“That’s — the Black Marvel Family?”

My prediction? The Black Marvel’s talking animal….

“I’ll Rip Your Fucking Legs Off And Eat Them In Front Of You” The Crocodile.

Theory of The Week: Hurm

Ronch. Ronch. Oh, hello there.

The events of 52 have been tying together in a strange web of events.

This week I present to you…..

The World’s First Virtual Conspiracy Theorist Corkboard Of Conspiracy Theories...



everything is connected

This is going to work a little different than usual, instead of me telling you my theory offhand I’m showing it to you. I want your interpretations of what I show you (why it works or does not work. Be detailed). Then on this Wednesday I’ll post a bonus edition of the column with my reasons and my favorite reasons given by you (or rather you peoples).

Who are the 52?: The 52

Hey, maybe it’s just a (superhero?)group called “The 52″

A Fun Fact About The Number 52!

According to my loyal sidekick Wikipedia, 52 is the atomic number for tellurium.


Bonus Column(wed)

Halloween Special(next weekend)

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