Week 22:


This week’s edition of Who are the 52? is brought to you by the letter P and viewers like you.

Especially the ones who send me stuff like the following:

(The following excerpts are unedited and may contain spelling errors)

“I have a comment.

Remember that bit you do? You know, about stuff?

It’s rubbish, get rid of it.

Yours helpfully,


Excellent point, sir! Where is the stuff?! I’ll tell you where the stuff is but you have to promise to keep it a secr…e…t…….. oh right we’re on the internet. Anyway, I kind of used up my supply of stuff that I was going to use this week, last week, when I did that thingie with stuff in it. You know. That thing…with the stuff? Whatdoyacallit? The 20th Week Special! Which can be found here <—coughcough Shameless plug

Anywho. I can assure you that there will be much stuff a’headed your way, this week.

Yours helpfully…

Your good friend,

Amedeo, bringer of the stuff!

“Yes, good stuff is good, but always remember that bad stuff is bad.

Things with stuff can occasionally be good, but its got to be good things with good stuff. Good things with bad stuff never give you a proper thingy, whereas bad things with good stuff can sometimes develop into the proper thingy, but often end up with an entirely innapropriate thingy, and sometimes even a double-sided thingummy, which is never a good thing.

Bad things with stuff always become a you-know-one-of-those, and will never give you a thingy, proper or improper.

Hope that helps,


“Whoops, that last line should say “Bad things with bad stuff…”

It would have been confusing otherwise.


This week of Who are the 52 is dedicated to Jo, he will be missed….. when he suffers a thingiemabobber overdose while watching good bad stuff with melted stuff on the outside of the inside of the thingiemabobber that he isn’t overdosing on, if he does overdose from a thingiemabobber at all. Of course he may not suffer a thingiemabobber overdose so it is possible that he may not be missed but maybe he’ll like be missed for you know…other stuff.

Loose Ends

A new idea! Where were they seen last? Why? Were they wearing pants? Stuff like that.

Dr. Ralph – Kicking ass in (in his, being me, best Dr. Strange voice) THE KIRBYZONE!!

Questoya - Last seen drunk (Montoya) and sporting the world’s biggest smirk (The Question)

Black Adam - Last seen breaking into a private moment (Literally, breaking in through the wall)

Magnus - Last seen being taken away to where ever those mad scientists are.

Supernova – Last seen fucking with Lex Luthor. Who Is Supernova?!!

Lex Luthor and His Amazing Friends - Last seen having a hissy fit.Did the everyman superhero project start with Lex trying to give himself superpowers only to find that somehow he could not recieveth them?

The 52 List

-Page Six. Bottom Panel.

Highway exit 52.

The Blurb Detective Strikes Again in….. a thrilling rerun! From the retconned week!*

From 52thecomic.com’s blurb on week 23 :

“Look what these monsters did to your brother, Isis! They deserve a slow death! Plucked apart like the insects they are!”

Week 23 marks the reveal of what has happened to the mad scientists. Week 23 also must mark the reveal of what happened to Isis’ “brother” (see column #4). Is Isis being controlled by a Mr. Mind? Is she plain evil? Or is she being manipulated by Intergang? We’ll have to wait and see her reaction to Black Adam’s statement…in WEEK 23!


The Intergang transforming circus of wonder. Abbot and co. Whatever you want to call them. Black Adam is making a pun, they are monsters for what they did and literally are monsters.

[* I'd direct you to what week that was but my mind was wiped by Zatanna - Ever Inspecting Editor.**]

[** Actually it's just me - Ever Stuff Inspecting Amedeo]

Theory of The Week: Bizzaro!

A question has plagued my mind along with hundreds of others.

Who is Supernova?

In the past I have explored the possibilities but none of them ever convinced me 100%.

Then at about 1:00am last Sunday morning it hit me.

I had been trying to figure out how Lex Luthor was or could be tied to Supernova.

But it just seemed so un-Lexly to become a superhero. And then it hit me.

Lex is Supernova in the sense than Kon-El was Superman.

We know that there’s already a bizzaro Kon-El running around, is it so impossible to assume that there are other (possibly failed) clones running around?

Supernova is Lex Luthor genetically.

First off Supernova is not a escaped Bizzaro Lex. Rather a test subject for Luthor’s everyman Superhero project. When he was developing the E.S.P. (Everyman Superhero Project), Luthor had the process tested on left over clones (from making Cadmus) or had clones of himself made to test the process on. The clone which had the light control oriented powers (which are used by Natasha) along flight powers tested on him is now Supernova.

Supernova has been confirmed as a character that we have already seen and since he is a clone of Lex Luthor we have already seen Supernova.

Does Lex Luthor know who Supernova is?

Luthor’s behavior in Week 22 of 52 would suggest that he does not. Of course he could be lying to keep us and his staff fooled (not that he hides anything from Mercy but all it takes is one scientist with a big mouth).

Of course if Luthor doesn’t know who Supernova is then the question which begs to be answered is:

Why is he still alive?

Did he escape? Or was he freed?

Who are the 52?: The 52 Trials of Doctor Fate!

Hell, if Shazam’s trials take 12 issues, isn’t it possible that the powers of Doctor Fate are granted to Ralph after 52 tasks?

Additionally I’m starting to feel like the whole world is looking in the wrong places…

What if the 52 is more than one thing? In fact couldn’t 52 refer to every single case of the number 52 appearing? Well, I’m going to stop here because my brain is a’hurtin’.

A Fun Fact About The Number 52!

Another meaningful addition of more stuff.

If you look at the numbers 5 and 2 on a digital clock they can be merged to make a8

Which can be turned on it’s side to make the symbol for infinity (which probably has a name but I’m too lazy to check wikipedia)


-Probably a annoying lack of stuff, followed by a onslaught of bad stuff with good stuff that annihilates a civil war of good stuff with good stuff with bad stuff.

Questions? Comments? Hate this week’s column? Hate the column? Don’t want to go shove it? Well why not drop me a comment and tell me how much I suck? And remember, the more unconstructive the comments the better!

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