Week 15:


Here’s that new format I promised last week:

While I will still analyze 52 theories, it won’t always be a answer to ‘who are the 52′ that gets looked at in depth.

Some weeks a 52 related theory will get the spotlight, while the Who Are the 52 answer of the week is featured in less detail. This week will try that format, please give your thoughts, yes….even your’s Swamp Thing.

WARNING: Though I’m writing some of this before this week’s 52 comes out (because I’m trying to make the Theory of the Week segment more interesting) as many know SOMEONE IS SUPPOSE TO DIE IN WEEK 15. I WILL DEFINITELY TALK ABOUT WHO DIES IN THIS POST!!! DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHO DIES!!!!!!!!!!

This Week’s Format:
The 52 List
Theory of the Week
Week 15 Special: Death Comes To The DCU #1
Who Are The 52?
next week….

The 52 List
Week 15:
-Pg.11 Sanjay’s computer. Post-it “Khandaq Embassy 555-2222″

Theory of the Week: INTERGANG! MR. MIND! ISIS!
This is written under the assumption that the theory is correct. Do not take what is said as fact.

Just who is this Isis character anyway? Isis has appeared twice before in DC Comics in two different incarnations as well as in a television show. The two comic incarnations were minor in comparison to her comic book appearance. So why decide to introduce a new version of this character to the DCU especially when it appears that DC wants to bring down the number of Marvel Family characters? And most importantly, why isn’t she in Brave New World?

Why are we shown a empty Mr. Mind cocoon? Who is capturing the mad scientists, and what are they doing?
Intergang is apparently trying to secure land in the world, currently they are targeting Gotham City. Seems sort of basic, huh?
Well Intergang has never been so high profile, but they were helping Darkseid in the past. Apparently they report to a new authority. (Superman #654)

Who is the great one? Why is he watching Morrow?The new leader of Intergang, or someone controlling it’s leader. The Great One is obviously linked to the mad scientists, and seeing that Sivana was kidnapped by two monsters it’s safe to say so is Intergang. Conclusion, The Great One is controlling Intergang to capture mad scientists for a uknown purpose.

What does this all have to do with Isis?
Adrianna Tomaz, Isis’ human identity, was originally introduced into the DCU as a offering from Intergang to Black Adam. Black Adam refuses their offer, and frees Adrianna, however she sticks around romance sparks between her and Black Adam…and then he welcomes her into the marvel family. Adrianna is planted by Intergang, they probably never expected to have Black Adam agree to help them when presented with a human offering. Instead they decided to secure sway over him.

Isis isn’t bad, isn’t she trying to find her kidnapped brother?
Or is she? Even Black Adam seems to question her slightly.
Why haven’t they found her brother if they are two of earth’s mightiest mortals? Maybe because HE DOESN’T EXSIST?! Whatever they are destroying isn’t what they think it is. Most likely something that poses a threat to Intergang.

What’s it all building up to?
As the man’s chalkboard said…or rather his globe…”World War III Why? How?”

Week 15 Special: Death Comes To The DCU #1
Each week that includes one or more deaths we shall reflect on what effect this may have on the future of 52


So, Booster’s Goggles…plus blood….equals…….

dead! Yep, dead for now. While I don’t feel it was at all a cheap death, I was hoping to find out who Supernova is!!!!
Personally I don’t think this is over.

Who Are The 52?
THEORY 3: 52 Correction

Think of this week’s theory as a follow up theory to last week’s.
What if something horrible was suppose to happen because of the alterations made to the DCU?
And the 52 were corrections that had to be made in order to prevent this event?

Sure a correction isn’t a person, but what if they have to relate to people. So the 52 are 52 characters who must each make a sure something happens in order to correct future history.

Slightly ala the Morrison JLA story about probability. Speaking of which 52 is popping up a lot just like 7 does in that story.

Think about it.

Yes this was short, but the other stuff was hopefully more interesting anyway.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booster Gold!

Isn’t Talking Tawny showing up in Week 16? Best man perhaps?(Not a article, just a comment)

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