Week 16:

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Booster Gold!

This week I was traveling so instead of having a normal format I present to you the following…


Who is Supernova? My trusty sidekick the internet has failed me (not really, only Wikipedia). Instead of hard facts all I have is speculation. People all over seem to have a range of theories from Ray Palmer to Rip Hunter to Skeets’ parallel universe father in-law but who is he really? Who is this man of mystery? I’ve got no idea but until it’s revealed the best I can do is give you the RAVINGS OF A COMIC BOOK CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Who is Supernova? Fact: Supernova is someone we’ve seen before.

Ray Palmer

Colors match. His power allows him to change the size of his body. Palmer might have found a way to make other objects shrink. Being a super scientist he could have found a way to fly and teleport objects (neither of which he previously could)

The state he was last seen in could have led to him becoming disgusted by the world he lived in. In the end Palmer grew to hate show boaters like Booster, leading him to come back into society using a new identity.

Rip Hunter: Insane Madman

Supernova saved a girl from a rip current. Rip Hunter discovered that Booster Gold was responsible for breaking time, using all of his future technology Rip Hunter plots against Booster Gold and takes up the mantle of Supernova. Hunter bases his appearance on a alternate universe version of Superman who Hunter became aware of in his travels in the timestream.

Rip Hunter: Savior of the Future?

Supernova saved a girl from a rip current. Rip Hunter discovered that Booster Gold was responsible for breaking time, however if Booster was killed before a certain time this would be averted. Basing his appearance on a alternate version of Superman, Rip Hunter became…SUPERNOVA

(maybe Supernova killing Gold somehow causes time to change even more)

And now a word from Rip Hunter’s blackboard…

“Dead by Lead”

Booster Gold had a weakness to lead? Maybe the submarine had lead in it. Hence “Dead By Lead” “Booster Gold, dead by lead”


A being whom Superboy (Superman earth two) encountered. Due to a fatal weakness(keep reading), Superboy preserved him in the phantom zone until a antidote could be found. He later became a honorary Legionnaire when he was given a antidote to his fatal weakness to….lead. (duh da dum dum)

He later became a full time member and invented flight rings (one of which was in Booster’s possession). However this was all pre-crisis and since then Mon-El has suffered many a retcon but Mark Waid-Prime is known for pounding on the walls of continuity.

And now another word from Rip Hunter’s blackboard.

“Find the last El” Possibly refers to Mon-El, a new version of the pre-crisis Supernova or a entirely new character.

?-El: Pre-Crisis Superhero Reborn or Smelly Showoff Kryptonian Hack?

With continuity changed the pre-crisis alternate version of Superman known as Nova may have become real, as a being separate from Kal-El (see Clark Kent: Man With Bad Grammar or Alternate Universe Supernova? Below for more).

Supernova could also be a entirely new Kryptonian out to steal a bit of the spotlight for himself.

Either way “The last El” could be a reference to this character.

Clark Kent: Man With Bad Grammar or Alternate Universe Supernova?

In Week 15 Clark seems to be compelled to make obvious grammar mistakes “We’ve won’t let him fall.” People have been suggesting that this means Clark and Supernova are a team. But perhaps Supernova is another version of Clark and both of them are aware of it.

Booster Gold

When did Booster actually “go home”? What happened. How did he get Skeets back?

Dan Didio said that Booster story has not ended despite the fact that he is dead.

-Skeets looks into Supernova further (Team up with L-Ron? I’m there)

-Supernova is the real Booster.

-The dead Booster was a second version brought into existence by Superboy-Prime’s wall punching.

-Supernova is a second version of Booster brought into existence by Superboy-Prime’s wall punching.

Arthur Curry

The original Aquaman is MIA one year later and yet he isn’t part of the ‘Gone-until-one-year-later-pact’. In his early exploits Supernova saves a girl from a rip current, he rescues firemen from a burning building. In week 15 he battled Ballostro, a supposed Aquaman villain. That’s a bunch of water based events (sort of). Is Arthur Curry somehow Supernova, probably not, but I can’t help feeling there’s some kind of connection.


I won’t even dignify this one with a half-assed joke. All I’m going to say is that I swear that one week I will find a way to fit L-Ron into the column!


-Theory of The Week returns along with the rest of the normal format!

-Rip Currents and You: What is my obsession with the symbolism of a rip current? And what does it have to do with the TIME STREAM?!

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