A Brief Report from Comic-Con — with Movie Batmobiles

Here at Comic-Con, our Image Revolution panel seemed to go over well, and thanks to everyone who attended.

Special thanks to Marc Silvestri, who was on the panel, for his tremendous support. Top Cow even included our the documentary film’s trailer in the rotation on the beautiful flat screen at the Top Cow booth.

The con’s been exhausting but so much fun, and we’re grateful to everyone who’s helped. We’ve been shooting additional interviews for the film while we’re here, and everyone who we’ve interviewed has been tremendously kind.

There’s too much to report about the con to even try. After all, the main floor is about eight blocks long, not to mention all the panel rooms, signing areas, etc. Even the local hotels, clubs, and other stores have gotten into the action.

Case in point: one of the con’s most talked-about attractions is an outdoor exhibit, at an adjacent hotel, of every single movie Batmobile. So in lieu of a more comprehensive report, we thought we’d share some photos here.

Moving in chronological order, let’s start with Adam West’s Batmobile from the 1960s — a classic model certainly not to be forgotten.

1960s Batmobile1960s Batmobile1960s BatmobileThen there’s the Michael Keaton Batmobile, from Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. While it’s hard to compete with the 1960s model as a piece of classic Americana, this design is quite memorable, and lots of kids like myself grew up with it — not only in the movies but in toys and on cereal boxes.

Michael Keaton BatmobileMichael Keaton BatmobileMichael Keaton BatmobileMichael Keaton BatmobileLess memorable is Val Kilmer’s Batmobile from the hit film Batman Forever, which combined some of the retro elements from the Michael Keaton Batmobile with more exotic, decorative elements.

Val Kilmer BatmobileVal Kilmer BatmobileVal Kilmer BatmobileWe now come to the George Clooney Batmobile from the infamous Batman and Robin. While the film itself might have been more over-the-top, the film’s Batmobile was if anything a bit more logical than the previous one, while still retaining some of its decorative elements.

George Clooney BatmobileGeorge Clooney BatmobileWe now come to the Christian Bale tank-like Batmobile, seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Of course, it was called the Tumbler in those films, not the Batmobile.

Christan Bale's TumblerChristan Bale's TumblerChristan Bale's TumblerAnd finally, we have the camouflage version of the Tumbler, most prominently to be seen in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, which is now just six days away.

Christian Bale's camouflage TumblerChristian Bale's camouflage TumblerChristan Bale's Tumbler

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