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August 2012

Grant Morrison on Experimental Writing in Doom Patrol

Grant Morrison used a variety of experimental techniques during his surrealist run on Doom Patrol. He discusses them here in a clip from the special edition of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, now available for… [more]

Hot New York Summer, Part 1

I live in New York now. New York City, NYC. Which means I need to remember to change that in my bio for the site.

Miracleman, Chapter 7: “Blue Murder”

We’ve previously introduced Miracleman and discussed chapters one, two, three, four, five, and six, as well as the interlude “The Yesterday Gambit.” We now continue our examination with chapter seven of this celebrated but long-unavailable series,… [more]

Meet the Magus, Part 6: A World Inside, Outside in Alan Moore and Oscar Zarate’s A Small Killing

Three years before Alan Moore announced his decision to become a magician and roughly four years before the performance event of The Birth Caul, he collaborated with Oscar Zarate on an unusual graphic novel.