DC Continues to Revamp Superhero Looks

Last month, DC revealed new costumes for beloved characters Superman, Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman. This is a continuation of DC’s 2011 the New 52 revamping of its characters and content. This month will mark the end of the New 52 branding with the completion of the Convergence storyline. But in June 2015, 24 new titles will be released with 25 of the current New 52 titles receiving brand new creative teams.

Here are the new DC costumes so far:

Brett Booth decides to take a darker red tone with a bit more yellow for the Flash. While artist Patrick Zircher strips the Green Arrow of his tights and allows the character’s hair to hang freely (photo and artist information via Techtimes.com).

David Finch covers up Wonder Woman with much more fabric on the neck, arms, waist, and legs, and gives her a stunning, golden shine. Wonder Woman now possesses some new golden blades attached to her gauntlets (photo and artist information via Newsarama.com).

Bill Tan gives Green Lantern a truly sinister look. Lantern’s white eyes hide behind a angrily clenched face and jaw. The green energy around Lantern succeeds in giving him a “renegade” look (photo and artist information via Techtimes.com).

Taking an unorthodox approach, Aaron Kuder gives Superman bloody hands and boots and a tight “S”-inscribed tee with a pair of straight-fit grey jeans. This writer feels that he would never want to hit on Lois Lane at a bar if this rendition of Superman was standing behind her (photo and artist information via comicsalliance.com).

Batman (pictured right) in his newly designed Batsuit, created by Ardian Syaf, sports new, sword-like ears. Batman appears to wear a sort of missile launcher on his shoulder and likely much more weapons (and tools) hidden underneath all that armor (photo and artist information via Pastemagazine.com).

And finally, Comicbook.com reports that Aquaman is the newest DC hero to get an upgraded uniform. Because of Trevor McCarthy, Aquaman will handle a much fiercer looking trident, much brighter gold embellishments, and much bolder orange scales. Aquaman #41 will hit comic book shops June 24, says Comicbook.com, and will be written by Cullen Brown and illustrated by Trevor McCarthy.

How do you like all the new looks? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Dirk Reuter says:

    Come on, Clark Kent with a tee and boots. It’s a construction worker! It’s Bruce Springsteen! No, it’s Superman, or is it?

  2. david stong says:

    Since Robert Downey will step down as Ironman, it’s good to know Batman will be ready to step into the role. I hope the new look is a one-story-arc occurrence.

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