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Roundtable on Current Super-Hero Comics, the Problem of Nostalgia, and the Genre’s Future

Depending on whom you ask, current super-hero comics are either sub-competent exercises in nostalgia or exciting, dynamic explorations of heroism, adapted for contemporary times. To explore this subject, I’ve invited Cody Walker, author of the… [more]

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The new Batgirl #1, after the DC relaunch.Why are we still discussing Watchmen, twenty-five years later?Grant Morrison's Action Comics #1, part of the DC relaunch.Is J. J. Abrams's Star Trek a model for how super-heroes could reinvent themselves?
Grant Morrison's New X-Men, a case study in the dangers of corporate continuity?The fact of comics' future, at least in the short term: Justice League #1, the first title to be released as part of DC's relaunch.An ad for Nostalgia, painfully asking if we want to stop here...Or can All-Star Superman point to the future of the genre?
Can Planetary point the way to future of super-hero comics?Click on the image for more about Julian Darius.Click on the image for more about Cody Walker.Click on the image for more about Colin Smith.
SHOWN ABOVEClick on the image for more about Kevin Thurman.Cody Walker is the editor of Keeping the World Strange, a book on Planetary.Kevin Thurman is the author of the forthcoming Voyage in Noise, on the work of Warren Ellis.Julian Darius considered Batman Begins at some length in his book Improving the Foundations.
Julian Darius had to consider what constitutes a classic for his book Classics on Infinite Earths.Julian Darius contributed to Minutes to Midnight, edited by Richard Bensam, which explores Watchmen in critical detail.