Batman Vol. 2 #14


“Death of the Family: Funny Bones” -- 22 pages

  • written by Scott Snyder
  • pencils by Greg Capullo
  • inks by Jonathan Glapion
  • continues directly from Batman Vol. 2 #13
  • Batman escapes from ACE Chemicals (without encountering Harley Quinn again)
  • returning home, Batman finds that Alfred has been captured
  • Batman visits Commissioner Gordon, having deduced he’s the Joker’s next victim, and barely saves him from bleeding to death due to an anti-coagulant
  • some time later, with Gordon in the hospital, Batman sends Nightwing to the Aqueduct while Batman heads to the Reservoir (both sites of a previous Joker face-off)
  • at the Reservoir, the Joker blows up the Aqueduct by remote and reveals to Batman that he knows the Batman Family’s secret identities and will kill them within 72 hours

“Men of Worship” -- 6 pages

  • written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
  • art by Jock
  • the Joker meets with the Penguin to deliver an ultimatum, although we aren’t told what it is (leading into Detective Comics Vol. 2 #15)

published 14 Nov 2012

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Batman Vol. 2 #14 (variant)

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