Batman Vol. 2 #13


“Death of the Family: Knock Knock” -- 24 pages

  • written by Scott Snyder
  • pencils by Greg Capullo
  • inks by Jonathan Glapion
  • one year after (the Joker’s appearance in) Detective Comics Vol. 2 #1, the Joker attacks the Gotham Police Department headquarters, retrieving his face
  • the Joker issues a threat on Mayor Hardy, then kills those in the room with the mayor
  • Batman heads to ACE Chemicals, where he sees a character in the Joker’s original Red Hood costume and gets captured, but the person in the Red Hood costume turns out to be Harley Quinn
  • while the Joker is distracted at ACE Chemicals, the Joker attacks Wayne Manor, threatening Alfred Pennyworth

“Tease” -- 6 pages

  • written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
  • art by Jock
  • the Joker insists that Harley Quinn accept the mutilation of her face and puts her in a Red Hood costume (placing this before the ACE Chemicals sequence in this issue’s main story)
  • this story must take place during Suicide Squad Vol. 3 #14-15, which isn’t impossible, although it’s hard to square this story’s more submissive Harley Quinn with the version shown there

published 10 Oct 2012

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Batman Vol. 2 #13 (2nd printing)

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