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September 2013

Typically Endless: The Distance Between Gods and Men in “Brief Lives,” Chapters 4-6

Sandman’s Brief Lives follows closely with its former, titular predecessor penned by John Aubrey. His work, which compiles the veritable who’s who of the Western Enlightenment from 17th century Europe, succeeds at creating a window… [more]

Ultimate Spider-Man #2-3 Reveals the Perils of Power without Responsibility

Unlike the first double-sized issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, the second and third issues move at a much slower clip. At the end of Ultimate Spider-Man #2, Norman Osborn tells his scientists that he is testing… [more]

“What’s the Point Chief?”: Shameless? Part 26

Continued from last week. Laughter can be used to reveal prejudice before the mind has the chance to stifle it. But the Millar of the period gave no sign that he disapproved of his own heartless… [more]

Miracleman, Chapter 10: The Secret Origin of Miracleman, Part 3

We’ve begun discussing chapter ten, the conclusion of Book One (parts one, two, three, and four), of Alan Moore’s Miracleman, illustrated by Alan Davis. Today, we continue our exploration of that chapter.