Will Brooker

Will Brooker is Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University, London. His PhD at Cardiff University earned him the unofficial title ‘Dr Batman’, and the subsequent book Batman Unmasked led him to international conferences, a TED talk and numerous media appearances, including a TV interview alongside Adam West. His most recent monograph is Hunting the Dark Knight, and he is currently editor of Cinema Journal.


Gotham Academy Report Card logoGotham Academy Midterm Report Card

Will Brooker: Gotham Academy got off to a good start, immediately making friends and mixing well. As a fresh new face in the DC Universe, it arrived in October with its big sister title, Batgirl… [more]

Alan Moore's Twisted TimesTwisted Times: My Part in Alan Moore’s “Last Interview”

We are told that Alan Moore doesn’t use email, and rarely goes online. By contrast, I’ve been online – on and off – for twenty years now. I started using the internet when it was… [more]

batman joker silhouettes 08Right, Wrong, and In Between: The Killing Joke

I don’t believe in right and wrong. That may sound strange, from a Batman fan; especially strange in the context of The Killing Joke, Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s prestige-format, psychological and physical showdown between… [more]


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