Julian Darius Surpasses One Million Words on Sequart.org

In a first for our site, founder Julian Darius’s Sequart.org word count has surpassed one million words! Add to that the books he’s written for Sequart, the pieces he’s contributed to our essay anthologies, and any old essays lost to time or that he decided to not to re-post from an older version of the site, and we could be talking 1.5 million words!

Here are some highlights:

  • His massive analysis (53 parts so far!) of Alan Moore’s Miracleman, beginning here.
  • His illuminating excavation of the amazing French comic The Obscure Cities, beginning here.
  • His selections for the best / most important DC Comics stories of all time, better known as the DC Canon, beginning here.
  • And an honorable mention (because it’s not written, it’s video) for his lecture “Why Comics Matter”.

So to the man that started it all, the staff and I would like to congratulate Julian for this stunning and daunting achievement. Here’s to the next million!

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Mike produces books and documentaries about comics. He's now trying to write his own comics. He tells everyone else at Sequart what to do. Do they listen? Eh.

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Julian’s writing and have always found his articles rather insightful. Congratulations to Julian! Can’t wait for what comes next.

  2. Congratulations, Julian! It’s always instructive to read you. Looking forward to read in print your books “This Lightning, This Madness” and “Classics On Infinite Earths”!!

    • Wow. Thanks, David! I’ve got a completion plan… it’s just that my other duties to Sequart come first, so my books keep getting put off. But I’m clearing the decks now so that I can wrap those books up.

      Thank you so much for caring. It’s an amazing thing, David, and it makes my day.

      • Good to know those books will be released some day!
        In the meantime, I will enjoy for sure “The Anatomy of Zur-En-Arrh” by Cody Walker, as I just received my copy from Amazon.
        I caught a glimpse of this new book on the right column of this website last week and bought it right away, I did not know it was in the works! Looking forward to read it.

      • Thank you so much for your support, David! It means the world to us!

        A while back, we decided that we were announcing books too early, since they often had delays. In fact, we’ve got dozens of books in the works at any one time. Since then, we’ve started announcing books ahead of time again, but it’s not consistent, so books like Cody’s can drop with no notice. We’re still a mom-and-pop operation, but we’re getting more consistent.

        Again, thank you SO much for your support, David. It really means so much to us!

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