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Sequart Announces Five Books on Star Wars and Planet of the Apes

Sequart Organization is going sci-fi in a big way! With the success of our Star Trek book, we’re proud to announce that work has commenced on three Star Wars books and two Planet of the Apes books. Over… [more]

One Year, One Hundred Articles

I first joined Sequart in November 2013, just under a year ago. In that time, I’ve written exactly 100 articles and contributed to two Sequart books (and several other books and papers unrelated to Sequart).… [more]

Julian Darius Surpasses One Million Words on

In a first for our site, founder Julian Darius’s word count has surpassed one million words! Add to that the books he’s written for Sequart, the pieces he’s contributed to our essay anthologies, and any… [more]

Sequart Turns 17

Today, Sequart celebrates its 17th birthday. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible — from our contributors to our readers, from the comics professionals who have embraced our projects to the fans who… [more]

The Continuity Pages Return

The Continuity Pages is a massive project that seeks to organize comics according to continuity, rather than simply by title and number. This especially has advantages in the current era, with its plethora of mini-series,… [more]

Sequart for Mobile

If you browse the web on your smartphone, now has a mobile-optimized version of the site.

Welcome to the New Sequart!

You may have noticed that, as of a few days ago, our site has been redesigned, including the addition of a couple of new books. Now, we’re rolling out new online content for the first… [more]

Site Back Up (in Stripped-Down Form)

After a long delay, has returned in a stripped-down form focusing on our line of books and movies, including the upcoming documentary Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods. We’re sorry that our archives, including thousands… [more] Down has experienced a loss of service due to a server-related issue. Our webhost migrated the site from one server to another, and it turned out that the complex site simply didn’t work on the… [more]

New Look

Yes, the organization has a new logo… and the site a new look. A 10-Year Retrospective

Earlier this week, I authored an item about how Sequart is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. I want to use this space to expand on what I said there, giving a fuller accounting of our history. 10 Years!

Today, Sequart is celebrating 10 years online.


I’ve been writing about comics since the early days of the internet revolution in the mid-1990s. I had read comics forever, and the internet provided an opportunity to make public my examinations of the best… [more]