Action Comics Vol. 1 #599


“Element 126″ -- 22 pages

  • written by John Byrne
  • pencils by Ross Andru
  • inks by John Byrne (on figures) and Keith Williams (on backgrounds)
  • features the Metal Men
  • Luthor uses Tin’s components to build a Kryptonoid Man

“The Karma Baggers” -- 14 pages

  • written by Joe Calchi
  • pencils by Britt Wisenbaker
  • inks by James Scott
  • also includes a faux cover (not included in page count)
  • stars Jimmy Olsen, who tries to break a story on his own
  • takes place immediately following the issue’s main story
  • Bonus Book #1

DC’s first “Bonus Book” (featuring inset stories by new creators at no additional cost)

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