Action Comics Vol. 1 #594


“All that Glisters” -- 22 pages

  • written by John Byrne
  • pencils by John Byrne
  • inks by John Byrne and Keith Williams
  • Superman meets Batman for the third time (refers to their second meeting in Action Comics Annual #1 as “recent”)
  • Superman gives Batman the scrapbook from Superman Vol. 2 #9 (a plotline resolved in Adventures of Superman #440)
  • Booster Gold takes Superman to task for invading Qurac (in Adventures of Superman #427, said to occur “several weeks ago”)
  • as Booster Gold and Superman fight, a second Booster Gold appears
  • refers to Superman’s appearance in Booster Gold Vol. 1 #7
  • features Perry White at work (without reference to his brief leave of absence begun in Adventures of Superman #434, published a week or two before)
  • continues into Booster Gold Vol. 1 #23

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