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14 October 2014

New Life and New Civilizations is Available for Order by Comics Shops

New Life and New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics, edited by Joseph F. Berenato, is now available for order through Diamond Comics Distributors. New Life and New Civilizations is listed in the book section of… [more]

Harlan Ellison Recovering from Stroke

Many Sequart readers are fans of the work of the science fiction master Harlan Ellison. Many also know that last week Ellison suffered a major stroke, paralyzing his right arm and leg. For those concerned… [more]

“So Many Questions are Left Unanswered”: The American Superhero Comics of Mark Millar, Part 39

Continued from last week. For the third time in ten months, Millar’s Swamp Thing had presented abortion in a wholly negative light. Nothing that he’d write in the remainder of his tenure on the book… [more]