Sequart Podcast #4:

Humans and Paragons

For this 3-hour mega podcast, the contributors of Sequart’s latest book, Humans and Paragons: Essays on Super-Hero Justice, got together to reflect on their essays.

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Have super-hero comics become more nuanced at exploring social issues than what we see in politics? What do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Frank Miller’s Dark Knight actually fight for? Would real-life super-heroes be a threat to society? What can we learn about justice from talking more about Wonder Woman and Luke Cage? Why do people look to super-heroes in times of adversity? Listen to the contributors discuss these questions and many more, and share your own reflections, in an experience that is simultaneously a preview, a continuation, a great way to spend the commutes, and most of all, an inspiration.

STARRING: Paul Jaissle, John Loyd, Jaime Infante Ramírez, Ross May, Daniel Gullotta, Rebecca Johnson, with Ian Boucher, Colby Pryor, and Michal Siromski.

MUSIC BY: Tony Sawyer

Special Thanks to Aubrey Motley for inspiring this super-podcast!

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With a background in television production, film studies, and communication theory, Ian Boucher earned his Master of Library and Information Science at Kent State University to become a librarian to advocate for information literacy. He is fascinated with the stories cultures tell themselves, and writes about film and comics in that regard. Continue the conversation with him on Twitter @Ian_Boucher.

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