Superman Vol. 2 #2


“The Secret Revealed!” -- 22 pages

  • written by John Byrne
  • pencils by John Byrne
  • inks by Terry Austin (on figures) and Keith Williams (on backgrounds)
  • introduces Luthor’s Kryptonite ring, created with Kryptonite taken (thanks to the help of Dr. Happersen) from the heart of Metallo (kidnapped in Superman Vol. 2 #1)
  • Luthor, attempting to learn the connection between Clark Kent and Superman, tortures Lana Lang and drugs Ma and Pa Kent
  • Luthor gets Ma Kent’s scrapbook (anonymously returned to Superman in Superman Vol. 2 #9)
  • investigator Amanda McCoy uses computers to deduce that Superman is Clark Kent, but Luthor fires her because no superior Kryptonian would masquerade as a helpless human

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