Superman: The Earth Stealers


“The Earth Stealers” -- 47 pages

  • written by John Byrne
  • pencils by Curt Swan
  • inks by Jerry Ordway
  • aliens steal Earth, and the Daily Planet crew knows the truth but agrees to hide the evidence at the end, per Superman’s request
  • Lois references the revelation that the Kents raised Superman and openly suspects that Clark is Superman
  • with Superman facing death, Lois and Superman kiss
  • although this story may be placed before for after World of Smallville and before or after the block of issues beginning with Action Comics Vol. 1 #499, an event of this magnitude might spur Superman’s return to Smallville (in World of Smallville), and Superman ends the issue by saying he and Lois each have “things to come to terms with”
  • this placement honors this issue’s publication in the beginning of 1988 (since Superman Vol. 1 #16 takes place at the end of the year and there’s still snow on the ground in Adventures of Superman #439)

published Jan 1988

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