Man of Steel #1


untitled (as a whole, but divided into “Prologue: From Out the Green Dawn” (8 pages), “Chapter One: The Secret” (10 pages), “Chapter Two: The Exposure” (10 pages), and “Epilogue: The Super-Hero” (4 pages)) -- 32 pages

  • written by John Byrne
  • pencils by John Byrne
  • inks by Dick Giordano
  • as Krypton explodes, Lara and Jor-El send their unborn son, Kal-El, to Earth
  • Clark Kent becomes a star football player, but his foster father reveals he’s adopted and is an alien from another planet
  • after helping the world secretly for years, Clark Kent is forced into doing his first public super-deed by saving the space-plane Constitution (which has Lois Lane on board)
  • the Kents design and make a costume for Clark, who adopts his Superman identity

introduction by Dick Giordano; afterword by John Byrne


Man of Steel #1 (collector’s edition)

Man of Steel #1 (millennium edition)

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