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10 September 2014

Something Vaguely Related to Oldboy: On Stoker

After Chan-wook Park blew me away with his Vengeance Trilogy, a collection of perfectly executed and wildly stylistically disparate films, I had to seek out the rest of his filmography. Or at least watch whatever… [more]

Sequart Turns 18

On 18 August, Sequart turned 18. And we were so busy that we didn’t notice! Thank you to all of our readers, writers, and friends. It’s been a wild ride, and it’s only just beginning!… [more]

Overcoming the Status Quo: Wonder Woman, Superheroes, and the American Criminal Justice System

In this three-part series, I explore where superheroes fit into popular conceptions of criminal justice in the United States, and the potential for Wonder Woman to help improve those conceptions. This week, I look at… [more]