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November 2012

On The James Bond Omnibus Volume 004, by Jim Lawrence and Yaroslav Horak

Did we really used to take this pretty much for granted? In what was considered a respectable, family newspaper? It seems absurd now.

Miracleman, Chapter 8: Introducing Big Ben

We’ve begun discussing chapter eight (parts one, two, and three) of Alan Moore’s Miracleman, illustrated by Alan Davis. Today, we continue our exploration of that chapter. (We’ve also previously introduced Miracleman and discussed chapters one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven, as well… [more]

Diagram for Delinquents Update #25: The Wild Spree of the Laughing Sadist

There is, has been, and will always be one driving debate within media studies: How does media affect society? The question of does media affect society is certainly answered: Yes. How, is another story. The… [more]

The New 52: A Year in Review

When I opened Action Comics #1 and saw Superman, I was stunned.

Who’s Your Daddy: Examining the Parental Relationship Between Bruce and Damian Wayne

Very few of our comic book heroes have real biological families.

Modular Narrative and Seven Soldiers of Victory

As near as I can tell, this is all Grant Morrison’s fault.