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February 2008

Last Chance to Support Kevin Colden

Sequart’s house artist and Xeric award winner Kevin Colden needs your help before the end of February. Kevin is a great guy who has produced our books’ covers as well as Todt Hill over at The Chemistry… [more]

Batman #673: The Lingering Shadow of 1963

Grant Morrison’s Batman has been courting controversy since it began. Batman has a son? Man-Bats learned ninjitsu? Comics can be full of words instead of pictures?

Kevin Colden’s Strangle/Switch at Zuda Comics

Sequart’s own house artist, Kevin Colden, has an online comic at Zuda Comics that needs your support. Zuda Comics, as you may know, is DC’s online imprint that carries only new content. Kevin Colden’s comic,… [more]

A Taste for the Theatrical

As the world thaws from the shock of actor Heath Ledger’s sudden passing, I am inspired to take a closer look into the Frankenstein’s monster that he had spent the last few months of his… [more]