Phil Jimenez on Various Yellow-Skinned Topics

Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a series of humorous interviews conducted by comedian C.C. Banana at the New York ComicCon. Click here for part one, in which the yellow one talks with Joe Quesada.

Phil Jimenez, DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis Penciler

Though Phil Jimenez is a more recent comics superstar, his two biggest claims to fame are no less impressive. Phil earned his initial acclaim with a lengthy and laudable run on DC’s flagship Wonder Woman series, and recently took up the Herculean task of rendering nearly every character of the DC persuasion in the universe-spanning series “Infinite Crisis.” Considering his qualifications, Phil was chosen to represent DC Comics and shed some light on its seldom-explored corners… including one corner inhabited by a talking banana.

C.C. Banana and a sleepy Phil Jimenez.

C.C. BANANA: Phil, what makes the New York ComicCon so special?

PHIL JIMINEZ: The lines!

CCB: Amen!

PJ: That, and the fact that people can walk around wearing giant banana suits and nobody bats an eyelash. That’s what makes the New York Comic-Con so special.

CCB: Where do you see the comics industry 5 years from now?

PJ: I believe the comics industry will continue expanding and exploring, with new blood and new media. I see it continuing to make inroads in places like bookstores, computer stores, etc. I think we’re going to see new media, including internet technologies, making use of our characters and our stories.

CCB: What percentage of costumed fans here today should not be wearing spandex?

PJ: 97%

C. C. Banana and a well-spandexed Mary Marvel.

CCB: If Batman Begins and Superman Returns, what does Wonder Woman do?

PJ: Um… Wonder Woman is flying around in her invisible jet with one of those banners behind it saying, “WHAT ABOUT ME?”

CCB: Who has Deadman’s power of attorney?

PJ: Matt Murdock!

CCB: Now that John Schneider’s Jonathan Kent character has been killed off in Smallville, which other former Dukes of Hazzard cast member would make a good addition to the show?

PJ: I’m thinking Catherine Bach circa 1985 in a mermaid suit. She could be Lori Lemaris.

CCB: What is your favorite DC collectible?

PJ: Anything with my signature on it! Actually, I live in a one-bedroom New York City apartment and my collectibles space is limited, so I have to be very selective. I just have a little Wonder Woman shrine and that’s about it.

CCB: What’s on the shrine?

PJ: A coffee mug, a few statues and an old pair of Wonder Woman scissors from the 1970s.

CCB: How old is Superman right now?

PJ: Superman right now is about… 33.

CCB: What do you think your Earth-2 self doing right now?

PJ: I don’t know, but he’s got a lot of grey hair. And he probably lived through World War II. And he definitely has a much nicer costume than I’m wearing right now. I find that those Earth-2 characters had some good costumes! Very classy and classic. I suspect that my Earth-2 self is wearing something very primary.

C. C. Banana and all his primary-colored Earth-2 friends.

CCB: Who do you think really owns Miracleman?

PJ: Well, here’s the thing — who owns what, really? When it comes right down to it, shouldn’t we all just share ideas? Because when we give up an idea, we’re forced to come up with a new one. So I think the best thing for us is to just keep putting out ideas. We all borrow from one another and we just keep building. It makes for a nice creative pyramid.

CCB: You are quite the diplomat, Phil Jimenez!

PJ: Thank you!

CCB: What do you think you’ll be doing One Year Later?

PJ: I think I will still be recovering from Infinite Crisis!

CCB: If you were made into an action figure, what would your action feature be?

PJ: 46 points of articulation! The kids would never put me down!

CCB: How much cash do you have on you right now?

PJ: Last I checked, about $180 bucks. But that’s because we just sold some artwork and my inker gave it to me under the table. Otherwise, I’d have about $7 in change from Starbucks.

Phil Jimenez loves the Big Banana!

CCB: What is your favorite fruit?

PJ: The strawberry! Because it’s relatively low in sugar, high in fiber, and great for diabetics.

CCB: In that case, I’m not offended.

For more information on the man who now has $187 more to spend on his Wonder Woman shrine, visit

C.C. Banana’s irreverent interviews from the New York Comic-Con will conclude tomorrow with Jason Mewes.

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