Adventures of Superman #430


“Homeward Bound!” -- 22 pages

  • written by Marv Wolfman
  • art by Jerry Ordway
  • Clark struggles to reconcile his private life with his activities as Superman after he misses an interview with the U.S. President(!) and (later) his parent’s 49th wedding anniversary
  • continues thematically from Adventures of Superman #429
  • a week passes on a single page mid-issue, during which the events of Action Comics Vol. 1 #589 and Superman Vol. 2 #7 are said to occur (though this cannot be the case, because Superman Vol. 2 #7′s final page occurred three days after the rest of that story, during which Superman Vol. 2 #8 and Action Comics Vol. 1 #591 took place), and this page is best ignored, since it’s not necessary for the story
  • after the week-long gap, Clark says he’s wanted to get home for so long (an idea mentioned at the end of Adventures of Superman #429 and which means his visit home in this issue must come before Superman visits Smallville in Superman Vol. 2 #8)

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