Matt Jacobson

Born in NYC but living in California with his wife and son, Matt Jacobson is a school counselor and lifelong overthinker of comic books, movies, and anything else he can read or watch. His other columns, reviews and essays can be found at


mgmt2MIND MGMT Volume 2: The Futurist Review

Writer/Artist: Matt Kindt Published by Dark Horse In my review of Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT Vol. 1, I wrote that I preordered the second volume instantly upon finishing volume 1. I was that engrossed in… [more]

herHer Review

Spike Jonze’s Her is a frustrating film. It asks of the viewer some incredibly deep and thoughtful questions about the nature of our romantic relationships, how we keep our “true” selves guarded, and how we… [more]

Live a PoemThe Original (and Better) Kickass: A Look Back at Steve Gerber’s Foolkiller #1-10, Part Two

Continued from part one, wherein we met Kurt Gerhardt, the “new” (in 1990) Foolkiller, and took a look at how far ahead of its time his story was, and considered the fact that Steve Gerber… [more]

Foolkiller #1The Original (and Better) Kickass: A Look Back at Steve Gerber’s Foolkiller #1-10

Foolkiller By Steve Gerber, JJ Birch, Tony Dezuniga & Vince Giarrano Published by Marvel Comics “Live a poem… or die a fool!” There’s a good chance you’ve never read this mini-series, published from October 1990… [more]


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