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moore2001Chronocops! – An Alan Moore Time Twister, Part 3

A Link in Comic Book History As Lance Parkin correctly states: “A lot of Alan Moore’s work is concerned with the history of comics – subverting it, redefining it, challenging it, or often just celebrating… [more]

colorChronocops! — An Alan Moore Time Twister, Part 2

Family Time When Ed hears the name of the baby he mistakenly tried to arrest when going after Yolinda Y. Yorty in 1989, he loses his mind and tries to wed his own grandmother, Tuesday,… [more]

JoeChronocops! — An Alan Moore Time Twister, Part 1

Introduction In February 1977, IPC Magazines first published a new weekly British comic anthology featuring various separate science fiction stories. Consequently, it was given the then futuristic name 2000 A.D. Although this suggests that nobody… [more]