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5 Reasons to Check Out Archie vs. Predator

The title says it all. Comic book fans were graced with great classic comic crossovers like Alien vs. Predator in the late 80s, Robocop vs. Terminator by Frank Miller in the 90s, and now Archie vs Predator in the modern day. A limited series by Alex de Campi, Archie vs. Predator released issue one this past April 15, the second the 20th of May, and the third issue hit shops just a few weeks ago. Big surprise: the series is pretty awesome. If you had no idea this crossover existed, you have only one month to catch up before the finale releases July 22.

Growing up, this writer was never interested in Archie comics. He had no idea what he was getting into when he began this series. Of course, certain characters (not named Archie or Betty) are shallow and cheesy, showing very little growth or change, but this writer knew he wasn’t getting Moore’s The Saga of the Swampthing when he first laid eyes on this cover.

What he actually saw was what makes the comic medium so enjoyable: nothing is off limits, everything can be created.

So, without any spoilers, this writer will entice you with what Archie vs. Predator has to offer.

  • Death and blood—People will die gruesome deaths and beheadings, but we already saw that coming.
  • Jughead goes undercover as a lady—Yes, Veronica will dress Jughead up like a girl, but he not letting go of his prized food the entire time.
  • An ancient curse—de Campi mixes the Sci-Fi Predator with a fantastic curse. This shows that de Campi was given a lot of freedom to create the storyline that he wanted.
  • Predator POV—We see through the famous point of view of the Predator; green lens with infrared vision. This was a must, and it’s great to see it in the universe of Archie.
  • It’s Predator vs. Archie!—C’mon, if there was ever a series worth collecting, it’s this complete oddity. Like this writer said before, Archie vs. Predator shows what makes comics so special to us all. This is a celebration of the craft, and a mandatory purchase for any comic book fan. It propels the medium further, telling us writers to push ourselves to the extreme. It’s quite a beautiful thought.

You can purchase the first three issues of Archie vs. Predator and preorder the final issue here.

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Dom Fonce is an English Lit Major at Youngstown State University in Ohio. He is on the editorial staff for Jenny Magazine and Penguin Review, as well as a member of the SLAA (Student Literary Arts Association) of YSU. He particularly loves science fiction and graphic novels. He aspires to be the next Frank Miller or Alan Moore.

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