Wonder Woman (third series) #5

Although it’s nice to get this comic a month from its last issue, I still don’t get something: is Heinberg’s story (AWFUL, by the way) ever going to finish? Or are we just going to have to say, “eh, forget about it, it wasn’t that good anyways”, and move on? Because I opened this up thinking that I would finally get a resolution of the storyline begun waaaay back in Wonder Woman #1, and this is something completely different. Sure, I’m a huge fan of Will Pfeifer’s — he should get more DCU work — but this? What are we, Jack of Fables here, where we can get away with saying, well, the next part of the story wasn’t ready, so we’ll skip ahead, and anyways, “they’ll fix it in the trade” (brilliant, by the way)?? I guess so.

Now to actually read the book, so that I can grade it on its own merits.

Okay, aside from the last panel, this book was EXCELLENT. This is everything that the title should have been from the very beginning. Pfeifer is one guy who understands women. Like I said a while back, he should be one of the top candidates for writing Supergirl, if DC really expects girls to read it. Too bad this was only a fill-in issue.

But what in the hell was up with that last panel? Did the perp literally explode? Or is the implication supposed to be that Wonder Woman snuck into the interrogation room and ripped him apart? I’m pretty sure not, but I don’t know what to think about that. I’d like to see the script for this issue to perhaps explain things.

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