Comics in Indian Banking

for one example applying to schools.)

The ICICI Bank, the largest private sector bank in the country, is interested in teaching schoolchildren, or anyone interested in banking, the importance of banking through comics.

The inspiration for this move has been the Reserve Bank of India who has been encouraging banks to teach people what is occurring in banking and the basics of the job. When ICICI decided that they wanted to make this comic book as an engine to do such, the Reserve Bank of India was more than happy to oblige as publisher.

In October, the series was launched with great enthusiasm and assistance from the RBI, going as far as putting the comic on their website. The comic is a simple and instrumental tool for easily teaching people the necessities in banking management.

As of now, the comic has generated the most attention from school principals. For the time being, the comic will only be available to schools in Delhi, but in the future it will be more wide spread with specialized formats for different schools.

It is also the hope of all involved with the comic that, at some point, it will reach the attention of people inexperienced with banking and assist them in debt management and counseling.


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