Doctor Who Vol. 2 #89.8


“The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe Prequel”

  • written by Steven Moffat
  • the Doctor is on a spaceship holding a red button which, when he lets go, will cause the space ship to explode
  • while holding the button, the Doctor calls Amy Pond for a rescue, but he doesn’t have his coordinates and Amy’s not on the TARDIS (which she can’t fly anyway)
  • the Doctor wishes Amy a Merry Christmas and lets go of the button, causing the spaceship to explode

released 6 Dec 2011 (online)

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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Era (2010-2017)

With the departure of Russel T. Davies, Steven Moffat was selected as the show’s new head. Moffat had contributed several of the most celebrated scripts during Davies’s tenure (e.g. “Blink” and “Silence in the Library”).… [more]

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