Doctor Who Vol. 2 #89.2


“First Night” / “Last Night” -- 5 minutes

  • directed by Richard Senior
  • written by Steven Moffat
  • “First Night” continues directly into “Last Night”
  • features three River Songs and two Eleventh Doctors (played by Matt Smith), including the first night of River’s incarceration (following “The Wedding of River Song”) and the last night they will share together before River’s death (in “Forest of the Dead,” during the Tenth Doctor’s tenure)
  • Amy and Rory don’t appear, though we’re told they’re sleeping in the TARDIS (making placement difficult, since this should be seen after “The Wedding of River Song,” but it’s not clear that Amy and Rory were with the Doctor between that and “Asylum of the Daleks”)

the third and fourth (of five) “Night and the Doctor” shorts produced for the Series 6 DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets (released Nov 2011)

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