Doctor Who Vol. 2 #80.5


“Bad Night” / “Good Night” -- 9 minutes

  • directed by Richard Senior
  • written by Steven Moffat
  • in “Bad Night,” Amy is awoken during the night by the TARDIS telephone and learns that the Doctor is active while his companions sleep, but he avoids her questions
  • in “Good Night,” Amy intercepts the Doctor (who’s returning from a night out with River Song) and says she remembers two versions of her childhood, one with parents and one without (due to “The Big Bang”)
  • “Good Night” concludes with the Doctor inserting himself and the adult Amy into Amy’s past (one of the nicest aspects of her character)

the first and second (of five) “Night and the Doctor” shorts produced for the Series 6 DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets (released Nov 2011); although the placement of these two shorts is uncertain (sometime before “A Good Man Goes to War” is logical), these shorts establish that the Doctor is keeping (more) secrets from Amy (hinting at the conclusion of “The Almost People”) and help set up the retroactive insertion of into Amy’s childhood (in “Let’s Kill Hitler”), so placement before “The Rebel Flesh” / “The Almost People” makes the most sense

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