Doctor Who Vol. 2 #39


“The Infinite Quest”

  • written by Alan Barnes

animated, regular-length episode, serialized over 12 weeks (plus an extra 13th episode) on the show Totally Doctor Who from 2 April to 30 June 2007; although there’s a lot of room for debate about when this is set, it makes the most sense here (everything from “Smith and Jones” to “The Lazarus Experiment” forms a unit with little room for interruption — “42″ follows on themes of “The Lazarus Experiment,” and Martha’s still not fully confident in her role as companion there, as she seems to be here — the following three episodes decentralize Doctor Who and Martha, for the first time giving the impression that the pair have had several adventures we haven’t seen, and this episode has that same feeling but returns its focus to the main characters again, so it makes the most sense after those three episodes — and of course, it cannot occur later, because “Utopia” leads into the season’s final two episodes)

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