The Authority Vol. 1 #27


“Brave New World, Two of Four” -- 22 pages

  • written by Mark Millar
  • pencils by Arthur Adams
  • inks by Tim Townsend
  • the new Authority receives sexual favors and tortures Apollo
  • has Swift (enjoyably, outside of her reference to having a womb instead of a vagina, with its implications) turned into a “good wife”
  • shows the commercialization of the Doctor’s spiritual landscape and the Carrier itself
  • has the Engineer withdrawing from heroin-addicted blood that has replaced her liquid machinery blood, as well as her transformation into a Brooklyn wife with many kids and an abusive husband
  • has Jack Hawksmoor, his I.Q. halved, as a bum on the street who claims to have been a super-hero
  • has the Midnighter and Jenny Quantum hiding out and ready for revenge

published 5 Dec 2001

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