Red Hood and the Outlaws #17


“Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out!” -- 20 pages

  • written by Scott Lobdell
  • pencils by Ardian Syaf, Robson Rocha, and Ken Lashley
  • inks by Wayne Faucher, Julio Ferreira, Ken Lashley, Jaime Mendoza, and Le Beau Underwood
  • clearly occurs in the immediate aftermath of “Death of the Family”
  • begins with Jason contacting his teammates (Arsenal and Starfire) for the first time since he was captured by the Joker
  • Jason says goodbye to Damien, Nightwing, Bruce, and Alfred, who are still at Wayne Mansion (but not Batgirl, who explicitly has already departed)
  • in the end, Jason is struck down by the Joker’s booby trap left in the Red Hood helmet (in the previous issue)
  • Jason references how he worked with Damien in Batman, Inc. Vol. 2 #4 (placing that story before “Death of the Family”)

published 20 Feb 2013

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