Detective Comics Vol. 2 #15


“The Dirt Nap” -- 20 pages

  • written by John Layman
  • art by Jason Fabok
  • features Commissioner Gordon before he’s hospitalized in Batman Vol. 2 #14 and makes no reference to Alfred’s kidnapping, although Batman says that the Joker is threatening Gotham (since little time occurs between Alfred’s kidnapping and the attack on Gordon, these facts suggest and early placement for this story)
  • reveals that Clayface has been under the influence of Poison Ivy for a month
  • Batman battles Clayface, who’s on a rampage because Poison Ivy has disappeared
  • unknown to Clayface, the Penguin has had Poison Ivy, whom he considers an eco-terrorist who’s threatened the gangster’s operations, buried alive
  • the Penguin is leaving town, due to an agreement with the Joker struck following “Men of Worship”
  • Batman cures Clayface of Poison Ivy’s influence, and the false memories of their love that go along with them, and Clayface escapes
  • in the end, Ignatius Ogilvy, the Penguin’s lieutenant, digs up Poison Ivy and declares himself Emperor Penguin

“Love in Bloom” -- 8 pages

  • written by John Layman
  • art by Andy Clarke
  • following the events of “The Dirt Nap,” Clayface sits in the sewers and recalls how he fell under Poison Ivy’s influence
  • Clayface leaves the sewers and meets Poison Ivy at a rendezvous point, only to assault her (the story ends ambiguously)

published 5 Dec 2012

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Detective Comics Vol. 2 #15 (newsstand edition)

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