Strange Adventures Vol. 1 #190


“A-Man: The Man with the Animal Powers” -- 12.33 pages

  • written by Dave Wood
  • pencils by Carmine Infantino
  • inks by George Roussos
  • the first story in which Buddy Baker is in costume, though he uses the name A-Man
  • as A-Man, Buddy Baker fights crooks who have a machine that can telepathically control animals

“Immortal Man” -- 12 pages

  • art by Jack Sparling
  • the third Immortal Man story (after Strange Adventures Vol. 1 #177 and #185)
  • the Immortal Man (Kirk Jason) beats a monster, sacrificing another of his lives to do it

“Science Backs the Fable of the Loch Ness Monster”

  • a “Strange but True” text piece

published 26 May 1966

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